gets younger

At 48, Sam is always on the go. He commutes between the East Coast and Hollywood, he's up in Canada one day, down in Florida the next. He'll fly to Israel soon. He moans and groans about the frantic pace, but a young pro calls him the greatest golfer alive and an old pro says he'll get that U.S. Open title yet. 30 years juvenile. Nothing gets younger, but gets older."O — Margena A. Christian Still Sassy At 80 Eartha Kitt is the real deal. 15 Apr Not long ago, age discrimination was mostly associated with those getting close to retirement. But as the economy changes and the Baby Boomer generation ages — the youngest Boomers turned 40 in — age discrimination is affecting more workers who are nowhere near the end of their careers.


Death Becomes Her (3/10) Movie CLIP - Eternal Youth (1992) HD gets younger

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