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Me: And? Stranger: Asian qualifications are not recognized here. Me: Oh really? Racism case 2. Stranger: You speak English without a weird accent. Me: Erm, thank. Sigh plus side of things is I've yet to experience overt racism or sexism here. It's still a relatively safe place being female and asian given. 30 Mar A Chinese woman is seeking compensation after becoming the latest unwary shopper to fall foul of the trend for clothing that carries embarrassing, ungrammatical or just plain baffling English words and phrases. In the latest case , the woman from Qingdao in the eastern province of Shandong claimed her. this up; here are some opening lines directed toward me from actual men (of course they did not work): "Do you speak English?" "Are you Chinese?" "What is the difference between Korean and Japanese women?" You MUST NOT, at ANYTIME, use foreign-language pick-up lines in the United States. I cannot stress this. asian woman english

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